CVN68 USS Nimitz [logs]

Work In Progress Update: log012912: Detailing the port side. This project has just got blown out of rediculous proportions. Now I find myself in need of color coded deck crews. carrier deck machinery and as if the hornets are not enough. I need E-2C Hawkeye models and Pave Lows too.

Work In Progress Update: log012112: Added some rinky-dink res hornets. Don't ask me to come close to them because they are really bad at the moment. Forget detailing for now. I want to see what a packed deck looks like. I am personally starting to hate Maya's ocean shader. It just isn't enough to deliver a convincing ocean for my shots. I'm going Vue with the sea and the environments. It can be pretty hard core in render time but the wow factor is just too awesome.
Work In Progress Update: log011812: Two updates in 1 day. Wow. I must really be anxious. Here's what I think. I need to model Super Hornets. Carrier looks empty without F/A-18E/F on it's deck. I'm not going to sleep until I find blueprints and 2k image files for texturing. But I still need to detail the sensor systems. Darn I don't know where to begin.

Work In Progress Update: log011812: I decided to texture it already. For two reasons. One was because I'm am too excited. Two, because it feels fulfilling to see it in color while working on it. 3D detailing is now starting. Although I'd like to start with the bulk of simpler and larger geometry. I'm gravitating towards the AN/SPS-48E 3-D air search radar and the AN/SPS-49(V)5 2-D air search radar. Good thing Wikipedia is back up today. Yesterdays SOPA protest left me blind research wise. I couldn't resist landing a couple of the models I finished way back. The MH60 Pave Hawk is on deck along with the sketch V22 Ospreys. I'll keep them that far from the camera for now. But the Black Hawk and Pave Hawk  are pretty much close range models if I may say so.

Work In Progress Update: log011812: final 3D sketch mode. Detailing is ongoing. Texture is being tested. Although its obvious to see that the deck I captured from needs some work on resolution. Currently splitting the deck into 2 UV sets to give that 4.5 acres of deck its full glory. Then again I don't know if I should texture it all now or finish the detailing phase. But overall I am pleased with how the model is looking specially when test rendering with mia_physicalsun. I can't wait to finish and start loading the deck with hornets, pave lows and ospreys.