Marine Landing Platform

Initial tests on the LHD landing sequence. Blackhawk was rendered with separate motion vector pass. Motion blur was applied in post. Ocean was made with Maya. Deck was modeled meticulously using photo references of actual ship landing decks. All parts were then layed out to position using photo references. Textures made with Photoshop from high resolution samples. Shooter was based off from photo references of deck crews. Background sky environment was given perspective and animated on post to exaggerate the horizon. Lens flare and color styling was added on post.

SEAL TEAM 6: Operation Black Oil
Polygon model was built medium res and complimented with displacement maps via zbrush. Multi-Cam texture was created using actual patterns.
Colt M4A1 Carbine is a high-resolution model complete with battle damage :). Model was later on rigged and animated using HumanIK. In this initial pose test the model was being evaluated and revised to get better weighting for final animation

The main BG plate on this scene is a still image. Smoke plume in the back is composited and applied with HeatHaze to get the hot desert effect. Lens blur was done in Fusion.The A10 flying by was a low res model only. In this scene the final weighted model has been fully adjusted for animation. Most of the secondary gear (vest, magazine sleeves, knee pads, gun and holster) on the soldiers were not binded but constrained to get faster animation feedback.