Is happy managing the 3D Graphics Team of a Japanese mobile gaming company. Also overseeing the courses and development of the 3D Training Center for new employees. Former Senior VFX Artist at a company based in Hamburg, Germany. Single-handedly produced all 3D sequences for the company showreel for European clients. Was also a Freelance VFX Supervisor for an Italian Film & Television outfit. With substantial experience since 2000 up to 2008 from two studios in Manila. Responsibilities include managing and supervising asset production, timetable management, work distribution, quality control and on-set technical supervision for HDRI acquisition, motion tracking and chroma keying.

Director of Photography with experience in 35mm, Standard Broadcast and HD. For projects ranging from film to television commercials.

CG Artist. Specializing in modeling or asset building. Shading, lighting and visual effects. Also an animator with classical 2d training.

I am a powerlifter and I love to run.

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