Work In Progress Update: log011813: Scene is rendered in FullHD. Now I'm off to the next scene. Hopefully it wont take another year to finish, :)  By the way. You might want to click on the full screen button.
Work In Progress Update: log010413: Radars have been detailed. Defense systems have been detailed. Atmosphere added along with depth channels. I like this look much better than the earlier color design test. Very pleased with the depth results.

Work In Progress Update: log120112: It's been almost a year. My time with this fortress was taken away from me by my job. I restarted work about 3 weeks back. On weekends I would spend hours detailing this ship. The deck has now been updated with more detailed F/A-18's, a pair of CH-47 (look closely) and deck crews piped-in with motion capture data. The Island (control tower) is still a work in progress.  All I need now is the firepower to render this scene.

Work In Progress Update: log120112: Playblast preview of the scene