Initial tests for my Project Chimera. I still need to get some items in that UH60 blackhawk. The pilot and crew. I have the helmets ready for the flight crew. Last I need to model are the comtac headsets and extra helmet variants for the seals. If I have some extra time left I'll be making an M249 and extra assault rifles.

AUG. 19 UPDATE: COMTAC has been added to main character. Modeled an MH134 helmet for the Blackhawk crew. Added a window mounted Minigun to the main UH60. I've actually modeled ANVIS IR mounts and put it on one of the helmets. I am currently detailing the helo deck of a Littoral Combat Ship (LCS). Complete with flood lights, status lights, chooks and bitts etc.. The initial textured deck already has a normal map applied to it. More to come.

AUG. 25 UPDATE: Worked all night to finish an animated helo deck 'shooter' [Naval Flight Officer]. Details include a three layer crew uniform. With a main utility vest. Yellow vests, from what I understand represents the 'launch officer'. Proud to say that it's all done and that I'm very happy with the outcome. With this character finished I'm ready to start rendering the battleship landing scene. I'm glad that things are starting to fall into place. Having the first animated character for this project really gave me a boost. Thank goodness for CNN's Battle for Tripoly coverage that kept me awake till 9am. Sara Sidner rawks! Hooyah!

SEPT. 6: Back from filming all day yesterday. Very glad I got to handle the Panasonic AG AF100. It's relatively small but the quality of the footage I took from it is remarkably brilliant. I really hate the term 'film like'. When camera folk try to describe their video output from film. Having worked with film and having my own video camera. I see them as different medium. But yesterday with the AG AF100 I was muttering 'film like' maybe a couple of times. I must say that camera is leaps and bounds ahead of the DSLR craze. Anyway. Been working on this test scene since the last update. I only had time this morning to spend rendering the final composite while recovering from exhaustion.